Blue Screen of death

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  •  06-05-2019, 5:18 PM 280448

    Blue Screen of death


    I am looking for input from my fellow users of Taxwise.

    We have updated almost everything to Windows 10 this year. Everything is updated to the newest drivers and all Windows updates are installed.

    We are getting Blue Screen of Death while in Taxwise only. I have analyzed the memory.dmp file and it is always nlem64nt.sys that is crashing the system.

    nlem64nt.sys is used by Taxwise for encrypting the database by a third party vendor called netlib encryptinizer. The version is 2008.401.5.0 located in the c:\windows\system32\drivers directory.

    Since I have not been able to get anywhere with Taxwise support. They blame everything else but them. I called the third party vendor and they knew that version 2008.401.5.0 is a old version and that it should be updated to have it work better with Windows 10. I was told that Taxwise no longer uses their support.

    This blue screen problem has been happening all over my offices but it is random.

    Is any of you having any problems with blue screens? Please let me know.


  •  06-06-2019, 2:52 PM 280459 in reply to 280448

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    I upgraded to Windows 10 and have the same problem on my workstation.
  •  06-07-2019, 3:18 PM 280479 in reply to 280459

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    Thank you. I did not expect such a quick response being it is not Tax season so not many people looking right now.

    I am hoping Taxwise looks into this but nothing is ever their fault.

    I am hoping others respond to this post.

    Thank you again.

  •  09-02-2019, 4:01 PM 281081 in reply to 280479

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    I am now experiencing blue screen on my server machine. It seems to happen on days windows updates. Anyone else and any solutions?
  •  09-23-2019, 1:25 PM 281242 in reply to 281081

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    Same problem on my server. Always seems to happen after windows updates also. very irritating.
  •  10-01-2019, 12:47 PM 281295 in reply to 281242

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    Windows 10 p2p network. Started both losing the TW user login authorization and blue screen after the windows 10 updates received on 9/17/2019
    it is either the update KB4514601 or KB4512578.
  •  10-19-2019, 4:30 PM 281464 in reply to 281295

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    I just upgraded to Win10, these posts are concerning. But I am on a stand-alone computer, non-networked. It sounds like you all are on networks with work stations.
  •  10-24-2019, 11:37 PM 281499 in reply to 281464

    Re: Blue Screen of death

    That is correct. I am having the problem all over the place but it is all on networked computers.

    Please report back if you have any problems with a standalone.